Key People


Jane (Janie)



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Jane founded the concept of Janie's Homeless Friends with her sons, James, Joshua and Josiah back in 2015.  As a family, they were keen to provide much needed support to those in crisis. 

It is the sheer determination and compassion of Jane that has allowed her dream of a formal charity to expand and become a reality!  Jane plays the key role leading the charity and works tirelessly to ensure we continue to grow and offer as much help as possible!



Josh is our designated photographer on each of our trips to help our homeless friends.  Josh plays a key part in organizing the setup during each of our visit and spends each trip ensuring that our setup is ready and that everyone is assigned a role to play.

Josh is a natural listener and will often spend his time in between capturing our key moments with camera, speaking to our friends and providing that overall friendly conversation which is key to our friends feeling respected and having a sense of normality for a few hours!

Recently married, Josh's wife Zalash, is now another key part of the team!

James was the co-founder of Janie's Homeless Friends along with his mum, Jane.  James is a key member of our charity and holds the position of Trustee, in addition to the leading role for our street barber sessions that we provide during each trip to support our friends.


An often shy and humble character, James is often hiding when it comes to our end of day team pictures, which is why you will find many with us all propped around him mid-haircut!



Darren is a long term supporter of Janie's and has also now taken on an active volunteer role, attending most of our visits and leading the hot food efforts on the day!

Through his extensive contacts, we have the ingredients for our hot food offerings donated each month and have secured some key supplies in terms of a stove, hot boxes etc.

Darren also takes the lead on our main fundraising activities for social events etc and is often leading the additional touches during key visits - has anyone spotted the picture in our Gallery with his Christmas suit on??

As part of our newly setup management team for the day to day operations, we would be lost without him!


John is a key part of the team and also a Trustee of the Charity.  Part of the wider family, he quickly became involved with Janie's Homeless Friends in 2017 and has been in regular attendance ever since.

John also holds the role of Secretary for the Charity and helps to drive forward our strategy for the future and how we can continue to grow with your ongoing support!



Denise is one of our longest serving volunteers and a Trustee of the Charity, taking a lead on our volunteer intake and back end operations. 

Responsible for our various policies and procedures, Denise ensures  that all volunteers are supported within their roles and responsibilities whilst supporting Janie's Homeless Friends.  

Denise originally planned to support Janie's Homeless Friends via donations only, but after listening to Janie talk about the services provided and attending one single visit, she has never left.  She now joins us with her son Josh, who is now also an active member, both during our visits and with the back office/management activities!  Oh, and not just teaching the rest of us how to use our social media!


Josiah is Jane's youngest son and has played a key part of Janie's Homeless Friends since it first started.

Josiah is our very own "Mr Organised" and arranges the setup of our clothing station each month - which is one of our busiest sections.  Josiah ensures that we are setup as planned and that queue management for accessing our donations flows smoothly - often a challenge in itself!

Josiah also plays a key part alongside James and Joshua to monitor our visits and ensure that everyone is safe and accounted amongst the chaos!